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Ordering: S6-EH1P(3.8-11.4)K-H-US      
• APST (APS MLRSD Transmitter)      
• RSS (Tigo MLRSD Transmitter)      
• ENT (Enteligent MLRSD Transmitter)      

The S6 (Series 6) hybrid energy storage inverter is the latest Solis US model certified to IEEE 1547-2018, UL 1741 SA & SB, and SunSpec Modbus, providing economical zero-carbon power from an all-weather (NEMA 4X / IP 66) high-efficiency PV string inverter. This new PV / Battery inverter can be dc-coupled to a variety of certified high-voltage Lithium batteries. The S6 hybrid is a grid-forming inverter that supports the latest large PV modules with high current (16 amp) dc inputs at each MPPT. 

3.8-11.4kW Energy Storage Inverter

Leading Features

  • Four MPPTs allows for versatile PV array design

  • UL 1741 SB certified, California Rule 21 compliant

  • Maximum PV input current up to 16A per string

  • High DC:AC ratio of 1.6 for more PV power capacity

  • Transfer time is < 10ms for all backed up loads

  • SunSpec modbus certified with the latest SunSpec models

  • Provides split-phase backup power without an external ATR

  • Multiple working modes to meet different use case scenarios

  • Third-party tested and validated for product reliability

  • Can be used for both whole-home and dedicated loads backup systems

  • DC to DC battery charging for optimal use of PVgenerated energy

  • Reverse DC polarity protection and software-based AFCI detection

  • Offers all of the smart inverter functions detailed in IEEE 1547-2018

  • Solis app allows for remote system configuration and firmware upgrading

  • Generates up to 50A/11.4kW of continuous backup power with just one inverter

  • Capable of frequency-watt control for interoperability with other smart devices

  • NEC 2017 compliant with multiple integrated PLC transmitter options available

  • Fanless design using convection cooling for lower failure rate and complexity

  • Utilizes an energy management system that maximizes efficiency and offers multiple operating modes

  • UL 9540 certified with multiple battery brands to provide up to 150 kWh of storage capacity per inverter

  • Supports generator interconnection and allows the generator to function as the grid source if utility power is lost

Technical Specifications

DC Input (PV)

  • Rated voltage
    380 V
  • Start-up voltage
    80 V
  • MPPT voltage range
    80-520 V
  • Max. input current per string
    16 A
  • Max. short circuit current per string
    25.6 A
  • Number of MPPTs
  • Number of strings per MPPT

Energy Storage

  • Battery voltage range
    120-500 V
  • Maximum charge/discharge current
    50 A
  • Battery Communication
  • Number of batteries per inverter
    See Battery Compatibility Sheet

AC Output (Grid)

  • Max. apparent output power
    11.4 kVA
  • Rated output voltage
    240 V
  • Rated frequency
    60 Hz
  • Rated output current
    47.5 A
  • Max. output current
    47.5 A
  • THDi

AC Input (Grid)

  • Max. input current
    71.3 A
  • Frequency range
    58.8-61.2 Hz

AC Output (Backup and Off-grid)

  • Max. apparent output power

    18.2 kVA, 10 sec
  • Back-up switch time

    <10 ms
  • Rated output voltage (L1-L2)

    240 V
  • Rated output voltage (L1/L2-N)

    120 V
  • AC output voltage range

    211-264 V
  • Rated grid frequency

    60 Hz
  • Frequency range

    55-65 Hz
  • Rated AC output current

    47.5 A
  • Max. output overcurrent protection, 10 sec

    76 A
  • Backup support configurations

    Whole-home and dedicated loads
  • Power factor

    >0.99 (0.8 leading - 0.8 lagging)
  • THDv (@linear load)



  • /p>

    PV CEC efficiency 97.2%

  • /p>

    BAT charged by PV Max. efficiency 98.5%

  • /p>

    BAT charged/discharged to AC Max. efficiency 97.0%


  • Residual (leakage) current detection

  • Integrated AFCI (DC arc-fault circuit protection)

  • DC reverse-polarity protection

    Yes (PV only)
  • Rapid Shutdown NEC 2017

    Integrated SunSpec-certified Transmitter
  • Compatible RSD Receivers

    See MLRSD Compatibility Sheet
  • Protection class/Over voltage category

  • Manual inverter bypass switch


General data

  • Weight

    89.59 Ibs (40.64 kgs)
  • Mounting type

    Wall Bracket
  • Topology

  • Self-consumption (night)

    < 20 W
  • Operation temperature range

    -13 °F to 140 °F (-25°C to 60°C)
  • Ingress protection

    TYPE 4X (IP66)
  • Noise emission

    <30 dB(A)
  • Cooling method

    Natural convection
  • Max. operation altitude

    13,120 ft (4000 m)
  • Compliance

    UL 1741, UL 1741 SA, UL 1741 SB, IEEE 1547-2018, IEEE 1547.1-2020, UL 1699B, UL 1998,California Rule 21, HECO Rule 14H*, NEC 690.12-2020, CAN/CSA C22.2107.1-1, FCC Part 15 Class B
  • Generator support



  • AC connection

    1.5 in. knockouts for conduit (x3) on the side and bottom; Spring clamp terminals
  • Interface

    LED indicator lights, Bluetooth/Mobile application
  • Monitoring platform

    SolisCloud (modbus map and API sharing available upon request)
  • Integrated ANSI C12.20 revenue grade meter

    Optional (Continental Control Systems RWND-3D-240-MB)
  • Communication

    RS485, Cellular, Wi-Fi, Optional: LAN
  • Integrated RSD Transmitter Brands

    See the MLRSD Compatibility Sheet

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