SS United States: Lady in Waiting (Limited First Edition) This is the limited first edition of this powerful and moving documentary, available for the first time directly from the producers and sure to become a collector’s item. Designed to be a secret weapon in the cold war disguised as a luxurious passenger liner, the SS United States was the pride of America during her flawless service career from 1952 to 1969 when she hosted everyone from hopeful immigrants to presidents, movie stars, and a veritable who’s who of the time. The brainchild of the 20th Century’s preeminent naval architect, William Francis Gibbs, the completely fire-proof, mid-century-modern ship was the largest passenger vessel ever constructed in her namesake’s country, and remains the record-holding speed champion of the North Atlantic to this day. Combining never before seen archival footage and interviews with notable former passengers and crew such as Walter Cronkite, LeRoy Neiman, and maritime historian William H. Miller, Jr., SS United States: Lady in Waiting tells the story of this fabled vessel from her design and construction to her star-studded glamorous heyday and eventual retirement through 2007 when her owners, Norwegian Cruise Line, was conducting feasibility studies to return her to service. The film concludes on an open note, given that NCL’s plans had not yet come to fruition and the ship remained in danger of being lost. After the documentary’s triumphant two-year run on American Public Television, NCL sold the ship to the SS United States Conservancy, a historical preservation group also covered in the film. As of February 4, 2016, Crystal Cruises has entered into a purchase option agreement with the Conservancy with plans toward fulfilling the dream of a victorious return to sea as a six-star luxury cruise experience. DVD includes over 30 minutes of bonus material, additional interviews, animations, etc. For more information on the ship and how you can get involved in the effort to preserve her, please visit